Technological Workshops


The Technological Workshops will be a great opportunity for the participants to manipulate freely and as much as

they want different instruments and specific devices used in different fields of ENT Endoscopy.

The experts will share their experience very practically on these open-stands and answer to the technical questions.



Logo techn workshop cook

2015 November, Friday 27th

8:30 - 13:00

Reception Hall


- Specific Sialendoscope Kolenda
- Baskets for lithiasis of the salivary glands
- Pneumatic Stonebreaker



Sialendo kolenda 1                           Sialendo kolenda 3


Logo audiology workshop 1

2015 November, Friday 27th

14:00 - 19:15

Reception Hall


- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Applications for Hearing Aids
- Auditory & Oral Reeducation for Presbycusis


Apple watch   Iphone  Oreille appareil Resound commande


 Logo rhino workshop

2015 November, Saturday 28th

8:30 - 13:00

Reception Hall


- Sinus Shaver
- Dilation Sinus System
- Sinus Navigation


Sinus dilation system Sinus dilation system 2 1  Navigation for sinus dilation 1