Speakers guidelines

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ENT ENDOSCOPY is an international congress in English language. All the written presentations, their oral

comments, the discussions, the comments of the movies and the posters must be in English language. 




  • Presentation Format accepted: Powerpoint (Microsoft Office)
  • Please use a usual police as Arial, Times New Roman (in case of a typeface from internet, please provide the

installation files) 

  • Pictures Format accepted: JPG (and not PNG or TIF)
  • Movies Format accepted: MOV (please make sure that the video is visible with VLC mediaplayer).

The video file must also be available separately from the presentation

  • No presentation or video will be accepted using the personal computers of the speakers or the chairmen




  • To go to the welcome desk and will be acompanied to the preview room to bring their presentation to the

technical staff through an external media (USB key, external hard drive).

  • At least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session or the day before if the presentation is planned on

Saturday 28

Please make sure that all the instructions are followed and that all the videos are working properly.


  • Movie & Posters Challenges 


The specific instructions for the Movie Challenge and the Poster Challenge are detailled in their specific

section or through the links: Movie Challenge, Poster Challenge. 

  • Length of the Presentations and Movies


The speakers will have to absolutely respect the timing of their presentations and videos for the good course

of the congress. The presentations beyond the planned length will be stopped.

  • Live Surgery


The speakers for the Live Surgery will be drived to the Cannes Hospital from the congress venue (Plaza Hotel)

by the organization staff.

  • Contact 


All the informations abou the congress and specific to each speaker will be sent by email. 

For any question or request, please contact us through the email adress: