Rhinology Endoscopic Dissection Course




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- Limited total number to 9 participants -




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The Rhinology Endoscopic Dissection Course will be held in a specific room in the place of the congress.


All the dissection stations will be equipped with the whole necessary surgical instrumentation, sinus endoscopes

and video-systems provided by the Karl Storz Company.

The artificial specimens Sinus-Systems provided by the Medtronic Company, are really offering a realistic surgery

simulation as it consists of highly detailed anatomical landmarks and structures. 

Expert Teachers:

  • L. Castillo (Nice, France)
  • Ph. Rombaux (Bruxelles, Belgium)

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 Sinus dilation system

The main dissection station will enable the experts to present the endoscopic dissection in nose and paranasal

sinus step by step.

The participants will manipulate the shaver and will discover the dilation sinus system with surgical

navigation from the Medtronic company. They will be helped in the dissection by the experts, sharing advices

and techniques for a very practical and efficient course. 

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