Live Surgery

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  • 2015 November Friday 27th
  • Live surgical procedures from 2 surgical rooms of the surgical ENT unit, Hospital Center Cannes, France
  • Performed by renowned experts in Otology, Rhinology, Sialendoscopy and Laryngology
  • Live broadcast for an optimum HD video quality, with permanent discussions between the participants in the conference room and the surgeons
  • Coordinator: M. Beltran




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8:30 - 10:45                                                                                 Room: Baie des Anges           

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  • Surgeons: D. Marchioni, L. Presutti 
  • Assistants: A. Rubini, M. Bonali
  • Chairman: M. Badr El Dine 

10:45 - 13:00                                                                               Room: Baie des Anges  

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  • Surgeon: L. Castillo 
  • Assistant: B. Agopian
  • Chairman: Ph. Rombaux


14:00 - 15:30                                                                               Room: Baie des Anges

Logo live surg sialendo

  • Surgeons: C. Chossegros, F. Faure 
  • Assistant: M. Beltran
  • Chairman: J. Kolenda 

15:30 - 17:00                                                                               Room: Baie des Anges

Logo live surg laryngo

  • Surgeons: G. Lawson
  • Assistant: PO. Vedrine
  • Chairman: A. Giovanni 





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