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Post ent endoscopy 2015


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Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Scientific and the Organizing Committee and as the President of the international Congress ENT ENDOSCOPY, I have the pleasure to thank all the scientific coordinators, the speakers in the scientific sessions and the Skype session, the surgeons in the Live Surgery, all the attendees and our sponsors for their participation in ENT ENDOSCOPY 2015.

This new edition has enabled many high-level and very didactic discussions for the daily activity and the meeting between many colleagues coming from all over the World, in a very warmly atmosphere.

The congress a also awarded the winners of the Movie and the E-Poster Challenges, respectively Dr Manuela Fina (USA) and Dr Deenadayalan Vijayagovindarajan (India).


                                         Dr fina                                                     Dr vijaygovindarajan

                                        Dr M. Fina (USA)                                           Dr D. Vijayagovindarajan (India)


After this outstanding success, the time is come to work for the next edition, full of many news !

This will be a great pleasure to welcome you in ENT ENDOSCOPY 2018.


Stephane AYACHE

Congress President

Scientific Coordination                

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Dear colleagues,

Year after year, the surgery is evolving towards the mini-invasive procedures. The endoscopy plays a major role in all the fields of the head and neck surgery, thanks to the continuing advancement in the optical technology, the video and the specific instrumentation. 

This is a great pleasure to welcome you in ENT ENDOSCOPY 2015.

The 3rd edition of this international congress will be held in Nice, the Capital of the "French Riviera", in the shade of wonderful palm trees, on the Mediterranean coast, at the foot of the Alps.


             Baie des anges 1                Plaza facade​                            

We have planned with renowned expert surgeons in the world, a novative and varied program, adapted to the daily practice, through many interactive live surgical demonstrations, video experts sessions, conferences, debates, practical workshops, technology sessions, anatomical dissections and the more high-specialized techniques from today and tomorrow. The levels "beginners" and "advanced" of the sessions will enable each participant to find the solutions in his activity.


The Live Surgery in different fields of ENT will show the surgical procedures and the specific devices, with simultaneous discussions with a panel of experts and the participants.

The Scientific Sessions will explore all the fields of the endoscopy in head and neck surgery : rhinology, otology, anterior and lateral base of skull, laryngology and voice, lacrimal surgery, sialendoscopy, cervical surgery and robotic, pediatric endoscopy.

The Rhinology Dissection Course will enable to perform dissections with experts and to manipulate specific devices and instruments used in this field, particularly the last innovatives procedures.

The Video Expert Sessions will enable to understand very concretely the endoscopic surgical procedures, through videos, prepared and presented by experts, followed by discussions in round tables shared with the participants. 

The Technological Workshops will enable the participants to take the time to discover and manipulate specific devices and instruments.

The Movie and the E-Poster Challenges will award the best Movie and Electronic Poster after the jury vote.

In the name of the scientific and the organizing committee, we welcome you to share this new edition in a convivial spirit, in the heart of the best experiences in Endoscopy.


Stephane AYACHE

Congress President

Scientific coordination                

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